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LucyStore's I Love Lucy Scrapbook

This is Joseph Garcia, a HUGE Lucille Ball and I Love Lucy fan since childhood. So much so, he had her tatted by the talented Ryan Miller in Austin, TX. What an amazing artistic version that shows off her blue eyes and a red lips. Quite a tribute to our beloved Lucille Ball!




Meet Brittany Dosch, an avid Lucy fan. She is ecstatic in this photo because, while visiting Jamestown, NY, she was blessed to sit on Lucy's childhood bed in her childhood home. Such a rare and wonderful pivilege!









Julie Waterhouse and her friend wore matching I Love Lucy Candy Factory Costumes to their work party. Don't they look fantastic?! The sign in the background is perfect to add authenticity to their pose. You can never go wrong when using Lucy as your muse!!

CONGRATULATIONS to Erin Ryan and the Ryan Family! 

They are the winners of the 2018 BACK TO SCHOOL Photo contest. The prize they won was a $100.00 Shopping Spree! Thank you to all who Participated in our photo contest!











Look at Kelly Mier! She looks fabulous as she dressed up as Lucy last October for a Halloween costume contest at work. Of course, she received 3rd place! You just can't go wrong when you use Lucy as your Muse!


Meet Janet Barrington's cute Pug, Kiwi. A few years ago during Halloween, Janet and Kiwi saluted the chocolate factory episode with this amazing costume. Kiwi, naturally, had top billing  as Lucy, with Janet as her sidekick, Ethel. The conveyer belt actually worked! This fantastic costume recieved so many laughs from the audiences at all the contests and, of course, they took the float! 





Here's Adrienne Stone & Auntie Rachel wearing their matching I Love Lucy jackets.  Auntie Rachel -- you could almost pass for Lucy's sister!  You look gorgeous ladies!





Cassie Cure in her room at home in Arlington, TX.  It's obvious that a true "Lucy" fan lives here! What a great collection of I Love Lucy tin signs, Lucy Mattel dolls and games.   You can still get at most of the tin signs found here.  Just click on the link to find them now.










Here's Mike Broad with Doris Singleton.  Doris played Lucy's competitive neighbor, "Carolyn Appleby" on I Love Lucy for 10 episodes between 1953 and 1957.  Her most famous appearance was in the episode Lucy as Superman.  Doris passed away on June 12, 2012.  








Lucy May Phillips in her Super Lucy t-shirt and matching Super Lucy lithograph (which is still available at  Do you think she was named after our favorite red head?  You're never too young to be a Lucy fan! Thumbs up to you too Lucy May!











Helen Velea with her flannel I Love Lucy pajamas and plush robe.  We're so glad that Lucy keeps you warm at night!  You too have a very impressive collection of I Love Lucy memorabilia.  You obviously love Lucy as much as we do!  







Here's Ron Middlekauff, his wife Lisa and their son, Hunter with I Love Lucy writer Madelyn Pugh Davis at her book signing.  Madelyn began her career with Lucy as a writer for her radio show, "My Favorite Husband" and followed Lucy with fellow writer Bob Carroll, Jr. to start I Love Lucy.  She was a writer for Lucy's entire TV career including The Lucy-Desi Comedy Hour, The Lucy Show, Here's Lucy and Life with Lucy.  Madelyn was nominated for 3 Emmys but never won.  Her book, Laughing with Lucy, was released in 2005.  Ms. Davis passed away on April 20, 2011.  






From several of Lucy's greatest fans, Angela has a Lucy birthday party!  Love it!  Just look at all of those great Lucy costumes -- including Queen of the Gypsies, Chocolate Factory, Be A Pal and Lucy Wears A Paris Dress.  Truly inspirational!








Pennie Edens and Connie Vestal were runners up at a local winery for a Lucy look-a-like and grape stomping contest.  Clever, clever ladies indeed!  We laugh every time we look at it.  You're a winner in our book.














Susan Napier at her 50th Birthday party with a "Lucy" impersonator.  Is Lucy or Joan decide.  








Megan O'Hara and her (self-made) I Love Lucy border. (She made it herself!!!)  You are one talented young lady, Megan.  















   Check out these pictures of Amy Stevens' Lucy room!                                                                                                You can tell she's a huge fan!







This is Marshan Thomas and this was her 1st time meeting Lucy at Universal Studios Hollywood for her birthday!














Do you want to appear in our I Love Lucy scrapbook? Just scan in and email a picture to us at that relates to Lucille Ball or I Love Lucy in someway.  Please include your name and a brief description of the picture.  All pictures sent to become property of Everything Imagination, LLC for our own use.  

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