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Become a LucyStore Friends & Family Affiliate

Do You Love Lucy?

Want to Make Money and Share Your Lucy Love?

Lucy Affliates

We want you to join our LucyStore Family! All you’ve got to do is apply to join our LucyStore Friends & Family Affiliates Program. That's it! It's free, easy, and best of all you can make money by linking to the first I Love Lucy store in history - America's Favorite I Love Lucy Store - already established as a reliable, dependable and honest company that sincerely cares about its customers!!

Once approved, we’ll provide you with a personalized Coupon Code that you can share!

The LucyStore Friends & Family Affiliates
Program is free to join and you have a great chance to generate an ongoing stream of income, without any cost or obligation on your part. You simply place a link to LucyStore with your special coupon code for customers to use, and/or you can share your coupon code with your friends, family, or customers directly! If someone orders from LucyStore using your coupon code, you get paid 15% of the of the sale price of the items ordered (with opportunities to earn ever more)! That's right, we PAY YOU for any sales using your coupon code! We'll give you a turn-key system and be available for support! Share your code with your own friends & family, post your code on social media, send it far & wide, and spread the joy of Lucy while earning $$$!


How It Works

Once you’re approved to join the LucyStore Friends & Family Affiliates Program, we’ll provide you with a distinct coupon code for you to share. If any orders are placed using the coupon code, you’ll become eligible to receive 15% of the sale price of those orders. After 30 days, if the order has not been returned, the order will be included as payment due to you. Payments will only be processed as long as the order has not been returned. If the order is partially returned, you will receive payment equal to 15% of the sale price of the non-returned items. When you reach $35, a paycheck will be sent to you by LucyStore. Coupon Codes will reset at certain times, and you will be sent a new Coupon Code if you're still an eligible member of the Program.


Card on head

Track Your Sales

Upon your request, we’ll provide you with an up-to-the-minute report of how many orders were placed using your coupon code, and the total amount of $ you’ve earned.     


We Pay You

Once an order that used your distinct coupon code has passed the return window, you will be be eligible for 15% of the sale price of the order, calculated by LucyStore, for each product ordered. When you reach $35, LucyStore will contact you to begin the payment process and send you your $! It's up to you to earn as much as you want -- tell people about your Coupon in creative ways - boost your sales with a little online work if you like, or not - nothing but your Coupon Code is required to remain active in our program.


Money With Lucy

Applying is Fast, Easy, and Fun
Just take a few minutes and get started today. You will enjoy being an affiliate with LucyStore because you can earn money and help others by referring them to the best I Love Lucy Store around!

Thank you for your time and interest, and we look forward to you becoming a LucyStore Friends and Family Affiliate- we want to be one big happy family - together through our four favorite friends!!

Click below if you want to apply to join the LucyStore Friends & Family Program and we'll follow-up if you've been accepted!

Thank you!
Your Friends, the LucyStore Family

To Apply: Email us at with your name and email address, or click below!




  • *LucyStore cannot guarantee outcomes and results of the LucyStore Friends & Family Affiliate Program
  • *LucyStore reserves the right to alter, update, or cancel the terms of the program at any time
  • *Applying to the LucyStore Friends & Family Affiliate Program does not guarantee acceptance to the Program
  • *Images are not representative of LucyStore Friends & Family experience

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