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LucyStore's I Love Lucy Scrapbook Page 3



Here's the perfect Lucy and Ethel best friends pair!  Thanks Vicki Masters for sending us this picture!  









Another great Lucy costume here, with Katie Hope all dressed up as show girl Lucy (love that feather head piece), with her little friends in their I Love Lucy t-shirts Zac Colao and Samantha Dowling.  Both the pink Show Girl Lucy and the Navy Blue Nail Head T-Shirt are available here at













Now, we would definitely honk if we saw this trailer on the road.  Way to show your love of Lucy!  You can purchase a copy of that great Lucy and Desi movie, The Long, Long Trailer here at









Here's Trina Huntington all dress up in her Lucy best with her matching coffee cup.  Trina, do you too package chocolates for a living?  Because it looks like you've worn your outfit to work!  Way to go!







How did Linda Kopsick find herself right in between that iconic Lucy and Ricky kiss?  Oh Linda, you are one lucky duck!  Thanks for sharing with us!











Here's Amy Swanberg at the wax museum in Las Vegas.  What a great trip.  Amy, next time, make sure to bring the wonderful people from the Lucy Store on your Lucy inspired vacation.  What's inside that bowl anyway?










Here's Curtis Lee and "Lucy".  We were wondering Curtis, is this a picture from your prom?  Wouldn't Lucy make a great date to the ball?  Oh to be young again....













Here's Jamie and John doing the tango with Lucy and Ethel.  








Little Rosie - you are so cute!  You make the best Lucy that we've seen yet!  We just want to hug you!  














Here's Dena Morton at the Universal Studios Lucy tribute.  Dena, you blend right in with all these Lucy pictures that it took us a few seconds to even notice you're in the picture!  Thanks for sharing this wonderful Lucy tribute with us.



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