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LucyStore's I Love Lucy Scrapbook Page 4

Cathy's Lucy Room

This I Love Lucy room is completely decorated in I Love Lucy memorabilia.  What a great job.  Love the retro table and chairs with the round Lucy magnets on it!  Image from C. Howson Chesterfield, MI





Ammy Loves Lucy!

Here's Judy R's cat watching her favorite episode of I Love Lucy!  Ammy is such a big fan that she occasionally reaches up and pets Lucy and Ethel.

Ammy's little sister Harley is a fan too.  She has a bed made out of a Lucy T-shirt and plays with a Vitameatavegamin action figure.

Judy - Your cats definitely

have a gre

at taste in entertainment!






Fun with Friends.

No better way to celebrate with friends than with a collection of Lucy Pop Art wine glasses. 

This picture was brought to us from T. Sipos, owner of Lucille Ball's former house in Sedona, AZ, known as the House of Seven Arches.  Read more about this house here:


Do you want your picture to appear in LucyStore's I Love Lucy scrapbook? Just scan in and email a picture to us at that relates to Lucille Ball or I Love Lucy in someway. Please include your name and a brief description of the picture. If we select your picture to appear on our scrapbook page, we will send you a $30 gift certificate to! So why are you waiting? Start snapping pictures now!  All pictures sent to become property of Everything Imagination, LLC for our own use.

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