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I Love Lucy Episode Guide


Season 1, 1951-52 ] Season 2, 1952-53 ] Season 3, 1953-54 ]
[ Season 4, 1954-55 ] Season 5, 1955-56 ]

Season 6, 1956-57 ]

The Second Season

Episode #39, aired September 15, 1952

When Lucy writes on the back of a check that she hopes the teller won't put the check through till next month, Ricky gets upset that she's spending more than she has. He tells her she doesn't know the value a dollar and insists they trade places. He and Fred decide to do the chores around the house, and Lucy and Ethel go out to look for a job. The girls find themselves wrapping chocolates off a conveyor belt that eventually speeds up a little too fast!

Cast: Elvia Allman as factory boss, Amanda Milligan as chocolate dipper, Alvin Hurwitz as Mr. Snodgrass

Episode #40, aired September 22, 1952

Ricky won't let Lucy go with him and his band on the road, so she auditions for him with her saxophone. She fails at the audition, so she pretends to have had a male visitor so that Ricky would believe it's not safe to leave Lucy home while he's away. Fred and Ricky find out that the "visitor's" hat and gloves left behind, actually belong to Fred. Ricky gets even by planting men in their closet, so he can "act" out his jealousy in front of a now bewildered Lucy.

Songs: "Glow Worm"
Cast: Herb Vigran as Jule, Charles Victor as man in closet

Episode #36, aired September 29, 1952

Lucy prepares to remind Ricky that their eleventh anniversary is coming up by serving rice for breakfast and asking why he thinks a certain date is circled on the calendar. He knows about their anniversary but pretends not to, and suggests to her that's the day they collect the garbage. To surprise Lucy, he has met with neighbor Grace Foster to buy pearls. Ethel tells Lucy she's discovered that Bill Foster (Grace's husband) is out of town. The girls listen in, through the furnace pipes, on Ricky's visit to Grace and believe they are having an affair. Lucy and Ethel find a way to get into the Foster apartment to see what's really going on: they dress up as painters, and make their way up the building to the Foster's apartment window. 

Songs: "Down Argentine Way"
Cast: Gloria Blondell as Grace, Herb Vigran as Jule

Episode #37, aired October 6, 1952

After a boring evening watching Fred do magic tricks with handcuffs, Lucy decides they'd be perfect to use as a suggestion to Ricky that he stay home with her one night for a change. As he naps, she handcuffs his arm to hers. Fred runs in, too late, to tell her he lent her real handcuffs by mistake. Lucy and Ricky spend a restless night trying to get to sleep in their own beds. A locksmith is not able to help them before Ricky has to perform on a television show. For the show, Ricky emphasizes that Lucy must remain hidden behind the curtain. Cleverly, she slips her right arm out as she makes gestures to substitute for Ricky's handcuffed and hidden arm while he talks to the hostess about his singing career, and Lucy's arm remains extended out to "help" Ricky express his song as he performs in the TV show. 

Songs: "In Santiago, Chile"
Cast: Paul Dubov as Jerry, Will Wright as locksmith, Veola Vonn as show hostess

Episode #38, aired October 13, 1952

As treasurer of her women's club, Lucy admits to Ethel that there is a problem. She had borrowed and paid back money between the club treasury and her household account for so long that now, there was no money in either account. For the club's upcoming operetta, Lucy believes she can save money by writing it herself and casting the Mertzes and Ricardos in it. Ricky, not being pleased with Lucy's singing voice, confers with Ethel. She ensures him that the chorus will join in whenever Lucy tries to sing. During the performance of the musical, wherein Lucy plays the queen of the gypsies (while struggling to sing her predictions through "MY song!"), finds out that her post-dated check as payment for costumes and scenery, has bounced. As the sets (and costumes) are literally removed by the persons they were rented from, Lucy then gets to sing her solo, as the curtains close on her during the premature, unexpected striking of the set. 

Songs: "We're the Pleasant Peasant Girls", "I Am Lily of the Valley", "Queen of the Gypsies", "We are the Troops of the King (We Like to Drink)", "I Am The Good Prince Lancelot (All I Want is You, Lily)", "Inn on the River Out"
Cast: Myra Marsh as the club president

Episode #41, aired October 27, 1952

Lucy and Ethel have gotten tired of doing the same things daily in their marriages. Lucy, suggesting that the four of them have become a bunch of clunks, decides they should get together with the men and figure out how to "declunk" themselves. The girls settle with vacationing away from the men by staying at the Mertz apartment, and the men stay at the Ricardo's. They find they're bored with being away from their spouses. The girls decide to sneak a look in on the boys, just to see if they're also as bored as they are, but find them gone. As they head back to Ethel's, they hear the voices of the men approaching and head upstairs to hide on the roof of the apartment building. With the door to the roof locking on them, the girls get hungry, tired and cold on the windy rooftop (after their unsuccessful attempt to walk on a plank from one rooftop to the next). They bundle themselves into a corner. Ricky and Fred find them there after having been phoned by a neighbor about the wives being on the roof. Ricky has a little fun using a garden hose on them to make them think it's raining. With the realization of a rescue by their husbands, the girls decide that Lucy's idea of a vacation from marriage was not a good one.

Episode #42, aired November 10, 1952

For the Mertz's anniversary, Lucy and Ricky give them a "second-hand broken down television set", as Ethel later describes it. What happens is that when Fred turns on his new TV from the Ricardos, it doesn't work, so Ricky tries to fix it, and it blows up. Fred claims he knew how to fix it himself, and Ricky says the wiring in the broken-down apartment building caused the blow-up. In a rage, Fred goes and kicks in the glass of Ricky's TV. The Mertzes send the Ricardos a summons, so Ricky decides to defend himself, without the need of a lawyer (or an interpreter). He writes out Lucy's "unrehearsed testimonial" to use in court. Ethel's testimony on the stand is more fibs, than truths. When the judge has them re-enact the scene of Ricky trying to fix Fred's TV, discussion occurs as to what really happened. The couples learn the judge's lesson, "After all, good friends are worth more than the price of a television set".

Cast: Moroni Olsen as the judge, Robert B. Williams as the bailiff, Harry Bartell as summons server.

Episode #43, aired November 24, 1952

Lucy and Ethel enter the "Home Show" contest to win new furniture. Even though the night of the draw is the same night Ricky got tickets to see a new musical, Lucy and Ethel won't leave home: "You have to be home when they call," Lucy says. Since Ricky doesn't think Lucy has a chance to win, he asks if Fred will phone Lucy and "say" she won the furniture. Unfortunately, as Lucy and Ethel sit by the phone, two gossipers are using the party line, preventing anyone from calling Lucy. She disguises her voice and gets them off the line. When the phone rings, she is told she's won the furniture. She sells the old furniture and Ethel helps her wallpaper the bedroom. Ricky is upset that their furniture has been sold, until Fred informs him that he didn't make the call to Lucy about winning the furniture, but that the "Home Show" must have called her.

Cast: Hans Conried as Dan Jenkins, Florence Halop and Margie Liszt as phone gossipers.

Episode #44, aired December 1, 1952

Ricky's throat doesn't feel very good but Lucy gets distracted into discussing where to put her new furniture instead. Lucy and Ethel relate how their husbands act like babies every time they get sick. Eventually, the doctor's orders for Ricky are that he not speak for a week. Lucy won't let him out of bed and prepares to stage Ricky's show at the club herself, based on a 1927 musical Fred brings her. Unfortunately, the now-older show girls from that show are also available. Ricky gets to first step in to his show on opening night, only to be shocked at seeing who the aged ladies are that he must perform with and at seeing that Lucy and the Mertzes are featured in the show too.

Songs: "5 Foot 2, Eyes of Blue", "Charleston", "Carolina in the Morning", "Sweet and Lovely", "Varsity Drag", "Mississippi Mud"
Cast: Barbara Pepper, Hazel Pierce, Helen Williams, Gertrude Astor as Showgirls; Arthur Bryan as Mr. Chambers

Episode #50, aired December 8, 1952

Lucy tells Ethel she's been feeling all dragged out in the mornings and is putting on a lot of weight. As she prepares to go for a doctor's check-up, Ethel suggests perhaps Lucy's going to have a baby. When Lucy's home, she tells Ethel her idea was right; she's going to have a baby but wants to tell Ricky herself, in a special way as she has always dreamed of. When Ricky is home for lunch, Lucy sits on his lap to be able to tell him like she has wanted to. But with phone interruptions and a visit by the Mertze's, Lucy loses her chance. Next she decides to go to the Tropicana to tell him, but he's busy with preparing his show, though by realizing Lucy looks like she has something important to say, he silences the crew so he can hear her message. This isn't the way she planned so she merely asks for the time of day. At the club that night, as Ricky performs, she asks that he be given a note which says someone is expected to have a blessed event, and would he sing a certain number. He goes to every table as he sings to see if anyone acknowledges they'll be having a baby, and when he sees Lucy, she nods. He suddenly realizes he'll be a father, and Lucy tearfully strolls with Ricky as he finishes his song at the club. 

Songs: "The Lady in Red", "Rock-a-bye Baby on the Treetop", "We're Having a Baby"
Cast: Richard Reeves as crewman, William Hamel as headwaiter

Episode#51, aired December 15, 1952

The Ricardos are choosing baby's names and Ricky decides to prepare Lucy's breakfast to let her rest. He has trouble finding all the items needed, causing Lucy to make several treks into the kitchen to help, until she informs him the cooking isn't necessary, as she hasn't the strength to be of assistance. He prepares it anyway, with Fred's help, serving a burnt waffle, of which he claims the charcoal of it would be good for the baby's teeth. Lucy suddenly realizes that the attention he's paying her is because of the baby and that he never did these things for her before. When she opens the gifts he brings and sees they're for the baby, she cries. He tells Ethel he can't figure Lucy out lately. She tells him Lucy thinks he cares only for the baby so he does something just for Lucy: sends her flowers and candy and calls to ask her to the club for dinner and dancing. While enjoying her evening with Ricky, she cries again, feeling he no longer cares for the baby now. 

Songs: "Cheek to Cheek"
Cast: Bennett Green as deliveryman

Episode#52, aired December 22, 1952

Ricky's going to have auditions for his show but Ethel cautions him to not talk about it much or Lucy will hear and want to audition. He doesn't think she will; his reason is that she's going to be a mother now. Ethel agrees, realizing Lucy's figure has changed. Lucy then appears singing and hiding her figure as she twirls a parasol in front. She pleads that this will be her swan song performance; once she has a baby, she'll never be able to be in a show. Ricky won't let her audition anyway but she and Ethel go and try a song and dance audition anyway, but Lucy's petticoat pants slide down to around her ankles during the dance. They don't get chosen, but Ricky decides on Fred and Ethel to join him in the barbershop quartet. Lucy wants to be the 4th guy even though the job's offered to George Watson. While the Ricardos and Mertzes are in the middle of a song, to give Lucy a chance to show she can sing harmony, they sneak out and leave Lucy alone in the apartment when they realize she can't do the harmony. So Lucy calls George Watson, and she appears covered up in the barbershop number. Her singing gives her away and she faces threatening shaving lather from her three singing partners. 

Songs: "While Strolling Through the Park One Day", "Carolina in the Morning", "Sweet Adeline", "Goodnight Ladies", "By the Light of the Silvery Moon"
Cast: Pepito the Clown, Jerry Hausner as the Stage manager

Episode#53, aired December 29, 1952

As Lucy is having a milkshake and dill pickle, she and Ricky discover husbands prefer a new baby boy and wives prefer a girl. Lucy realizes parenthood will be a big responsibility and she wants to feel prepared to answer the kinds of questions children will ask. She begins studying and learns a bit about proper English, even using new vocabulary on Ricky when he gets home. She's determined that their new child is going to learn proper English too. She checks to see if Ricky's ready. She has him practice reading a bedtime story that contains words such as 'bough, rough, through, cough'. Frustrated with this, Ricky has had enough! A tutor, Percy Livermore is brought in so they can learn perfect English. His suggestions are that, besides using the word 'okay', and to rid their speech of slang, there are 2 words they must never use: 'swell and lousy'. In exchange for lessons, Percy wants to sing at Ricky's club. He objects, but Lucy convinces him to hear Percy's song. After hearing it, he's much less impressed. A little later, Ricky has a plan. He'll get Percy auditions with record companies if he'll pretend that being around Ricky has caused the tutor to pick up Ricky's bad speech habits. This leaves Lucy unhappy with the tutor now and this ends the lessons. 

Songs: "Tippy Tippy Toe", "Babalu", "Notre Dame Victory Song"
Cast: Hans Conried as Mr. Livermore

Episode#54, aired January 5, 1953

Wonderful attention is being paid to Lucy when she's given a baby shower at home, thus, Ricky cannot stay home on his afternoon off. She also forgets to make him lunch. She's even more flattered, and Ricky's feeling more neglected and upset, at the article about "her husband" in the paper, when it mentions more about the beautiful, expectant, carrot-topped wife than it does about him. Lucy and Ethel start talking of a baby scrapbook since this is the first time the baby's been mentioned in print. Ricky tries to break in, reminding Lucy to get the dinner, but she forgot to cook it. Since the shower threw her off schedule, she didn't get to do the things she had to do, many being errands for Ricky. The next day, he wakes up sick and the doctor suggests he has the same symptoms as pregnant Lucy, because he's been neglected. Ricky says it's something he ate that made him sick, since he ate out the prior night when Lucy hadn't made dinner. The doctor suggests to Lucy to make Ricky the center of attention. Lucy thinks a daddy shower would do it but Fred feels better calling it a stag party. The girls feel uneasy about this 'only men are invited' stag party, so they disguise themselves as newspaper reporters, to keep an eye on what happens at the party. The husbands soon see through the disguises. Later, during Lucy's 4 a.m. craving for ice cream, hot fudge and sardines, she tells Ricky she's surprised he didn't get cravings too. He says something he ate made him sick, but when he finds out being the center of attention with his party was the doctor's remedy, he now is feeling sick again and is craving Lucy's ice cream and sardines too. 

Cast: Lou Merrill as Dr. Rabwin, Jerry Hausner as Jerry
Others in the cast: Hazel Pierce

Episode#55, aired January 12, 1953

When Lucy remembers her great grandpa was an artist, she's happy that the baby will be surrounded by music and art. Ricky could teach the baby about music but Lucy would have to become an artist like grandpa. She brings modeling clay home and learns to become a sculptress. She uses flattery to get Ethel to model for her, saying she has classic beauty like the head on a Greek coin. Lucy doesn't do well, evident by Ethel asking her why her nose is stuck at the top of her head. Lucy lures Fred to model, because he also has classic features, after which Fred can't straighten up from his modeling. Lucy wants to hire a real model but Ricky can't afford it. He makes a deal with her: he'll get an art critic to look at her work and if he says she has no talent, she'll give up sculpturing. Lucy wants to make a perfect replica of her head so it'll get by the art critic. When the critic arrives, Ethel presents the clay head of Lucy to him. Since he wants to buy this piece of perfection, Ethel has to make some fast adjustments to the Lucy sculpture. 

Cast: Shepard Menken as store owner, Paul Harvey as the art critic, Leon Belasco as the clerk

Episode#56, aired January 19, 1953

Lucy tells Ricky the doctor says the baby could be born any time now so Ricky doesn't want to let Lucy out of his sight, so she invites the Mertzes over and asks them to try to keep everything calm and distract his attention. They too can't help gazing at Lucy to be sure she is fine. Lucy goes to lie down and Ricky, Fred and Ethel rehearse the way they'll get Lucy ready to go to the hospital. Ethel will phone Dr. Harris, Fred will carry the suitcase, and Ricky will look after Lucy and they'll all go down to the street and hail a cab. They rehearse several times and feel they've got everything well organized until Lucy tells them it's time to go to the hospital and the rehearsed Ricky and Mertzes panic and nothing goes as planned. Lucy safely arrives at the hospital, checks in and Ricky waits until it's time to go to work at the club. While he performs in his voodoo costume, he's called to the hospital when Lucy gives birth to their son. Songs: "Voodoo"
Cast: Charles Lane as Mr. Stanley; Hazel Pierce, Ruth Perrott, Barbara Pepper as nurses; Adele Longmire as nurse at reception; Peggy Rea as nurse with wheelchair Others in the cast: Bennett Green, Marty Riel, Ralph Montgomery, William Hamel
Trivia: When Ricky calls Fred on the phone, he calls Circle 1-2099

Episode #45, Aired January 26, 1953

Fred and Ethel are wondering about the tape recorder that Ricky is singing into. He was taping a song he wrote for Lucy and he told the Mertzes that Lucy bought it from the lady beside her in the hospital bed so that she could tape the baby's first words. This lady was a salesman for the tape recorder company, so the threesome recall Lucy's lack of sales resistance in the past. She had ordered a Handy Dandy Kitchen Helper and didn't want Ricky to know she bought it. It didn't splice or dice her potato properly either. Ricky made her call the salesman, Harry Martin, to come and pick up the useless device. The salesman takes back the kitchen helper, but is so good at his job that Lucy buys a vacuum cleaner from him along with unexpected, costly attachments. Realizing she has spent too much money for this, she tries to sell the vacuum door-to-door. Luck is not with her even as she tries selling the electric vacuum to a neighbor whose electricity has been turned off. After further door-to-door visits, Lucy finds she has no salesmanship and returns home again with the vacuum. Ricky decides he'll call Mr. Martin to come and pick up the vacuum, and Lucy's advice is to not face the salesman or he'll be sorry. She and Ethel leave, and Ricky and Fred wait for Mr. Martin. When the women return home they find that Ricky's been talked into buying a fridge and Fred has been sold a new washing machine. 

Songs: "There's a Brand New Baby at Our House", "Cielito Lindo"
Cast: Sheldon Leonard as Mr. Martin, Verna Felton as neighbor

Episode #46, Aired February 2, 1953

Lucy has no luck at telling jokes and her usual bridge partner, Ricky, decides he'd rather have Ethel as his partner tonight. When Fred suggests flipping a coin to see who gets Lucy for a partner, she feels inferior and leaves the room. With no one having confidence in her, she does not concentrate very well making Ricky's breakfast the next morning. She decides she can't do anything right and decides to stay in bed, with no purpose to get up for. Ricky phones a psychiatrist who comes over and tells Lucy she's pretty and that he must dance with her, and uses this as treatment to build Lucy's confidence. Ricky gets jealous and decides to encourage the Mertzes to come over and laugh at all Lucy's jokes and fight over who gets to be her bridge partner. Lucy is so confident now, she's certain everyone will also want her to sing, and so she does! 

Song: "Who?" 
Cast: Gerald Mohr as Dr. Molin

Episode #47, aired February 16, 1953

Ricky and Ethel recall a past Wednesday Afternoon Fine Arts League election meeting that was held at the Ricardo's. Before the meeting, Lucy shows off her new cashmere sweater and matching bag, and gossip commences on the "latest" about Marion Strong. The meeting approves of asking Ruth Knickerbocker to join their club. Though Ruth is described as a quiet, mousy type, she's remembered for having a very appropriate punch bowl and cups, suitable for club meetings. Lucy feels she'll be nominated for every office and at every nomination during the meeting, she expects it's her name she'll hear. Nominations for the League finally end up with the current president nominating Ethel as the next president. Jealous Lucy bribes Lillian Appleby, using her new cashmere outfit, to nominate her too. During the campaign for office, Lucy finds out that half the club is voting for Ethel and half is voting for her; thus leaving new member Ruth to hold the deciding vote. Fred and Ricky also realize Ruth's power here, and decide that if their wives are President, their lives will be too much more involved than necessary, so they secretly decide to sway Ruth's vote so that she doesn't vote for their wives. At Ricky's next show, Fred is found dancing with Mrs. Knickerbocker. Surprised at this, Ricky sings and dances with her too. Lucy and Ethel arrive at the club to celebrate, since elections were held that night, and they announce they've been elected co-presidents. Ruth had not been able to vote because she was home sick in bed from all the rich food the two nominees fed her. And, they pointed out that the boys had been mistakenly entertaining Ruth's mother-in-law! 

Songs: "Cuban Cabby", "Cielito Lindo" 
Cast: Doris Singleton as Lillian Appleby, Margine Liszt as Marion Strong, Lurene Tuttle as Club president, Peggy Rea as Pauline Lopus, Hazel Pierce as Grace Munson, Ida Moore as Mrs. Knickerbocker

Episode # 48, Aired March 9, 1953

Lucy gets carried away while reading a murder story to Ricky about Madge crying softly, waiting for the phone to ring with news about "Gordon's battered body when they dragged the river". Lucy begins acting out the dialogue from the book: "You do hate me..." and " wouldn't strike me!". The Mertzes stop at the Ricardo's door, hearing what Lucy's saying. Ethel calls instead of knocking. When Lucy tells Ricky the Mertzes are coming up, she goes to fix her face in the bedroom, and Ricky suggests she put the book beside the bed so they can read it later, and as he tosses it, she misses it, and it hits her in the eye. Upon returning from the bedroom with something cold on her eye, the Mertzes arrive with suspicion. Lucy jokes that Ricky slugged her, because no one ever believes the real story of a black eye. The Mertzes don't find this amusing so she tells them the truth, and they still don't believe it, and leave with their feelings hurt. The next day, Lucy sees that Ethel wants a really juicy story so she "acts" out what Ethel wants to hear and jokingly says she's in love with another man, but can't say who it is, but it's someone Ethel knows. Fred sends Lucy flowers in an intent to show her that Ricky is sorry for the fight but mistakenly doesn't sign the card as being from Ricky, but erroneously writes, "Eternally yours, Fred". When the flowers are delivered to Lucy, he sneaks in to fix the card, but Ethel comes into the Ricardo's, so he hides in the closet. Next Lucy comes home, so Ethel sneaks back into the hallway. As Lucy opens the box of flowers, Ethel returns and is allowed to read the card to see who sent them. Ethel now thinks Fred is Lucy's other man. They find Fred hiding in the closet and Ethel angrily smacks him with the flower box. As he leaves, Ricky is arriving down the hall and Fred punches him in the eye. As Ricky gets into his apartment, he's flabbergasted and says, "Whot Hoppen!?". Later, as the Ricardos are reading again, Fred comes to explain that tossing a book can cause a black eye, as Ethel enters with her black eye. 

Cast: Bennett Green as the clerk.

Episode #49, Aired March 30, 1953

Ricky tells the Mertzes that Lucy has had trouble deciding what movie to go see, and which dress to wear. Fred boasts he doesn't have that problem and Ethel says it's because she's only got one dress. Lucy joins them but can't decide if she wants Chinese or Italian food. Finally, at the restaurant, she knows what she wants and orders roast beef. Next she encourages everyone to move to a table that has a nice view. When the waiter finds them, Ethel orders lamb chops, and Lucy decides they're not fattening, and changes her order to lamb chops. Ricky orders sirloin steak, so Lucy changes hers to that too. Fred orders pork chops and Lucy changes to that, because everything sounded so wonderful. Then Lucy feels a horrible draft and decides that they go to another table. The waiter, furious at not finding where his customers moved to, quits. This causes Ricky to scold Lucy into finishing everything she starts, instead of changing her mind so much. While cleaning the apartment, she finds an old love note she once started to write to Tom Henderson, a fur man downtown and, to get even with Ricky, decides she must complete this too and let Ricky see her finish the letter. Fred let's Ricky know that Lucy intends to have fun with him with this love note. Ricky, seeing that Lucy is seeking revenge, offers to mail the note for her, which makes her mad. She goes to see Tom to explain the note Ricky said he'd mail, but finds the man in the fur store to be much shorter than she remembered. Ethel pretends to buy a coat to get him out of the way, when the girls see Ricky coming. Lucy pretends to flirt with a mannequin as if it were Tom. When Ricky enters the store, Lucy pretends to dance with it, but it separates in half. She confesses to Ricky that the love note was a gag because he got her mad. Ethel arrives from the back of the store to introduce to Lucy the tall, real Tom Henderson. 

Cast: Frank Nelson as the waiter, Phil Arnold as Harry, John L. Hart as Tom Henderson, Sally Corner as woman in store

Episode #57, Aired April 20, 1953

Little Ricky's been fussy and his crying is keeping everyone awake at night. Mrs. Trumbull, from an upstairs apartment, confronts Lucy, while Ethel is visiting, about the noise and shows them that her lease says no children are allowed to live in the building. When she asks Ethel what the excuse is for the Ricardo's baby, Lucy uses humor and says the baby can't read the lease. Making jokes doesn't work and Mrs. Trumbull advises that she's not the only tenant who's upset with the baby's crying. Ethel strongly tells her without fear that she can rent the apartment easily and that friendship with the Ricardos means more to her than all the money on earth and advises Mrs. Trumbull to think it over. The elderly tenant flounces out of the apartment. Ethel re-enacts this big confrontation scene to Ricky and Fred, who both appreciate what she's done, but by now Lucy has heard it a hundred times. Even yet, Ethel plays the scene out to the bridge club the next day until finally Lucy can't stand it anymore and acts out the scene and dialog with Ethel. The two have a big fight until their husbands force them to apologize to each other. Now that the girls are happy, Fred confides to Ricky that Ethel had been harping on that story a long time, and Ricky agrees that Ethel tends to be that way. Now the men get into a fight with Fred saying Ricky shouldn't talk like that about his wife and they head out of the apartment. The girls follow, wondering what happened. The four soon realize they've left the baby all alone and rush back to find Mrs. Trumbull had come in, and is now comforting the baby with, "You'll always have me around to see that nobody leaves you alone again." 

Cast: Elizabeth Patterson as Mrs. Trumbull; Richard Lee and Ronald Lee Simmons as Little Ricky; Vivi Janiss, Charlotte Lawrence, Margine Liszt, Peggy Rea, June Whitley, Kay Wiley as Bridge Club Women.

Episode #58, Aired April 27, 1953

Lucy's care of the new baby through several nights cause her to fall asleep preparing for the only fun she has: bridge with the Mertzes. Ricky decides to get Lucy a maid and cautions her to handle the interview like a real business-woman. He encourages her to be firm and establish the relationship between her and the maid at the start and ensure the woman will know what her hours and duties will be. When the maid, Mrs. Porter, arrives, she gives Lucy her availability of hours and inquires about the household having certain appliances before Lucy has a chance to be the boss. She prepares lunch for Lucy: a peanut butter sandwich. Lucy would have preferred roast beef and lettuce, or some jelly and milk for the sandwich, but Mrs. Porter has already eaten those. Eventually Lucy feels like she's working for the maid and suggests to Ricky that they let her go with a good recommendation and a week's pay. They're unable to say that to the stern woman, so Lucy schemes with Ethel to make Mrs. Porter quit by messing up her apartment and, additionally, Ethel smears the kitchen with peanut butter, mustard and molasses. When Ricky gets home and sees the mess, he tells Lucy he carried out her wish, and fired Mrs. Porter. 

Cast: Verna Felton as Mrs. Porter

Episode #59, Aired May 4, 1953

Lucy has suggested to Ricky that he learn some American history so he reads "Blood-Curdling Indian Tales" and it gives him the idea to do an Indian show at the club. By phone, he arranges for two actors to come over so he can audition them. When Fred suggests Lucy will want to get into the act too, Ricky says she's happy with the baby now. He affirms it with Lucy that she doesn't care about the new show now and she replies, "New show?! What do I do?". He won't allow it because she's a mother now, still without talent, he says. He suggests to Fred that he better go to the club and call his agent to arrange auditions be held at the club instead. Later, as Lucy is reading that same book of Indian tales, during the most exciting part, the Indian actors arrive at her apartment and she and Ethel get carried away and smack them on the head with vases. Fred tells the girls why they've arrived and Lucy tells them to go to the Tropicana to audition. Lucy now realizes the show will have an Indian theme. Fred informs Ethel that Ricky had called and has a job for them in the new show. Later, Lucy strolls on down to the club while Ricky is rehearsing an Indian song with Juanita to perform at a women's club benefit the next afternoon. Juanita is upset as afternoons are the only times she has to spend with her baby. Lucy conspires with Juanita on a way that the show can still go on and Juanita can still be with her baby. Lucy substitutes for Juanita in the song, surprising Ricky, who's upset with her singing as well as with her being in the show. He's curious about the whereabouts of Little Ricky, whom Lucy reveals is strapped to her back like a papoose. 

Songs: "Pass That Peace Pipe", "The Waters of the Minnetonka" 
Cast: Carol Richards as Juanita; Frank Gerstle and Richard Reeves as actors

Episode #60, Aired May 11, 1953

Mrs. Trumbull visits Lucy and extends to her birthday wishes. Lucy informs her that it is not her birthday, but that she had her last birthday a year ago today. Mrs. Trumbull knowingly acknowledges that she's reached "that age". Lucy is soon disappointed that Ricky and Ethel have not yet mentioned her birthday at all. In despair, Lucy goes for a walk and Mrs. Trumbull watches Little Ricky. In the park, Lucy encounters a desolate group called "The Friends of the Friendless". They show her what friends can be and she takes the group with her to the Club so she can give someone a lesson in the true meaning of friendship. At the Club, she presents her opinion to the crowd on the lesson she learned tonight and the true meaning of friendship so that the people she thought were her friends, and her husband, get the message about no one remembering her birthday. As she's speaking, she sees her friends and they're seated around a birthday cake which stops her from continuing. Ricky asks her if she wants to hear the wonderful present he has for her, and he sings, "I Love Lucy" and everyone gives her birthday gifts. 

Songs: "We Are Friends of the Friendless", "Happy Birthday", "I Love Lucy" 
Cast: Elizabeth Patterson as Mrs. Trumbull; Ransom Sherman as man in park; Byron Foulger as leader of band; Barbara Pepper as lady in park; William Hamel as head waiter.

Episode #61, Aired May 18, 1953

Lucy wants Ricky to get them a larger apartment. Ethel tells Lucy about the Benson's, who live in 3B, that their daughter got married. Lucy realizes the Benson's will have an extra room they don't need and she hopes they'll trade apartments with her, but the Benson's larger place costs $20 a month more and Ricky can't afford it. The Mertzes sympathize hoping they can help Lucy, but the extra rent stands in the way. Lucy resolves they'll have to stay where they are, but realizes by putting everything away, she's doing everything all wrong. With a gleam in her eye, she hatches a plan and makes the apartment so crowded, you couldn't turn around. This plan doesn't work, so Lucy, with Ethel along, visits Mrs. Benson and convinces her to switch apartments and Lucy will handle all the moving (using Fred and Ethel as movers). She'll also pay Ethel the extra rent out of her allowance by scrimping and saving. Lucy treats the Mertzes to an ice cream soda for helping, and when they return they find that the Benson's furniture is back in the Benson apartment. Ricky had hired movers to come in when they left to go have their sodas, and had them switch all the furniture in the Benson apartment with all that was in the Ricardo apartment! 

Songs: "There's a Brand new Baby at Our House" 
Cast: Norma Varden as Mrs. Benson

Episode #62, Aired May 25, 1953

Lucy and her friends believe that if they find a man for Sylvia Collins, she'll leave their husbands alone. A traveling salesman, Eddie Grant, friend of the Mertzes, and who sells negligees, is about to visit and Ricky tells her he is a bachelor. She says he'd be perfect for Sylvia. Ricky sternly suggests that she do no matchmaking. Because Lucy is so insistent upon finding everything out about him while Eddie is visiting, he thinks she has her mind set on him for herself! Later, Sylvia can't make the date with Eddie so Lucy decides to tell him herself in person on her way to the beauty parlor. Since Ricky and Fred wanted to spy on Eddie and his date to have fun with him, they run into Lucy talking with Eddie. Fred thinks Lucy is the date and Ricky gets mad at Lucy for matchmaking. Eddie leaves in embarrassment, thinking that Ricky will wonder why he's meeting Lucy alone in the hotel lobby. Later, Lucy takes Ethel along to go meet Eddie in his room to straighten the whole thing out. They make a phone call and Eddie finally talks to the real Sylvia. He apologizes to the girls, and lets Lucy and Ethel each have a negligee, wholesale. When Ricky and Fred go to Eddie's room, they find their wives wearing the negligees while Eddie has left to go meet Sylvia. They make Lucy confess as to why she's there even though Ricky has smoothed things out with Eddie already. Because the boys were trying to teach the girls a lesson, and having made them suffer enough, they buy their wives the negligees. 

Cast: Hal March as Eddie Grant; Phil Arnold as man in hotel; William Hamel as Club waiter; Doris Singleton and Peggy Rea as bridge players.

Episode #63, Aired June 1, 1953

Lucy tells Ricky their old furniture doesn't fit in with their beautiful new apartment and she gets Ethel to come in and act as if she also feels that the ratty old couch and the nasty-looking coffee table don't belong. She then reveals to Ethel that she bought new furniture because it was on sale, and somehow has to convince Ricky they'll need it. When the new furniture arrives, she has to give up the old as down payment. Having not convinced Ricky yet to buy it, she hides it in the kitchen, leaving a "big hole" in the living room. She decides to serve dinner in there to hide the fact that the furniture is missing, until she can soften Ricky up for the purchases. She wears herself out running to the Mertzes for dinner things like butter, steak knives, and salt because her kitchen is full with the furniture and it's blocking the doorway. Ricky finds the furniture and makes a deal with Lucy that he'll keep it at the Club until she saves enough to pay him back for it out of her allowance by economizing and giving up her extravaganzas. She makes her own dress and gives herself a hair permanent but leaves it on her hair 5 hours rather than 20 minutes and her dress turns out to look like "a sack of potatoes". Ricky sees that she looks so sad, so he's going to let her buy a dress, go to the beauty parlor and he will bring back her furniture. He forgives her for everything, even the rug. While she was cutting out her dress, she cut a little too deep!

Episode #64, Aired June 8, 1953

Lucy and her bridge players discuss that friends, Joanne and Greg, are getting a separation because they weren't paying attention to each other and realized they had nothing in common. Ethel says it happens to everyone but Lucy exclaims it would never happen to her and Ricky. When he gets home, in order to satisfy her belief that they're interested in each other, she encourages him into discussions of how their day was. To show they're 'equally' interested in things, she suggests they read the sports page together. In her naivety, she doesn't know that "TKO" means technical knockout and in the short form coverage of the horse races, she mis-interprets that little girls are racing. She's shocked that the first race was won by a 3 year old maiden. When Fred tells Ricky that he's got things planned for their camping trip the last week in July, Lucy is enthused to suggest she and Ricky wouldn't miss it. Fred then cancels the trip, not wanting to have any wives along. Ricky decides to take Lucy on a preview trip and make it so difficult that she won't want to go on the July trip. Ethel, having heard the boys talking, tells Lucy that Ricky doesn't want her to go with them so he's going to make this rehearsal trip so tough on her, that she won't ever want to go again. With Ethel's help, Lucy plans to excel in everything during the 'rehearsal' trip. Everything goes well until Lucy "shoots" a duck, and Ethel unknowingly throws down from a tree, a skinned-clean duck without feathers. Lucy reveals to Ricky she knew his plan to make her hate camping and he says that what she did to him on the trip makes them even. She says she now doesn't really want to share everything, just certain things; like a kiss. 

Cast: Doris Singleton and June Whitney as bridge players

Episode #66, Aired June 22, 1953

Fred and Ricky ignore Lucy and Ethel as they watch the fights on TV, so when the girls grow tired of playing second fiddle to a television set, they stand in front of the TV and the men scare them out of the room. They decide to go to the corner and call; Lucy will disguise her voice and ask for herself and when the boys discover they're gone, they imagine the men will really start to worry. Even at the diner, the policeman and the man working the counter are watching the fights. Lucy does not have the right change to make the call, and when no one pays attention to her, she makes change for herself in the cash register, and gets caught by the policeman. They run away from him and return home and hope the TV breaks down. Lucy gets an idea to go up on the roof of the building to cut the wires that lead to her TV so the men cannot watch it anymore. The policeman finds Lucy and Ethel ready to cut the wires, arrests them and takes them to Precinct 31 where the Sergeant mistakes them for two stick-up dames named Pick Pocket Pearl and Sticky Fingers Sal. Lucy has the Sergeant call Ricky at home at Murray Hill 5-9975 but the line is busy so she asks the policeman if he'll go and tell Ricky where she is. He goes, but the men are too engrossed with the fights to see him. When the Sergeant checks his report on Pearl and Sal and finds they are now serving 10 years in prison, he apologizes and releases Lucy and Ethel. They return to Lucy's kitchen as the fights end and the men go in and compliment them on how they didn't bother them once, knowing how much they wanted to see the fights.

Cast: Larry Dobkin as Counter Man; Allen Jenkins as policeman; Frank Nelson as Sergeant

Episode #67, Aired June 29, 1953

When Lucy wants a dryer, Ricky buys her a washer AND dryer, wholesale plus $35 on their old washing machine. Fred suggests he'll buy the Ricardo's old machine for $35. Ricky warns to never do business with friends or relatives but eventually sells it and tells Fred there is no hurry for him to write him a check. When Ethel first uses the machine, it breaks down and water sprays out through the lid of the machine. Fred is relieved that they found out about the bum machine before the deal went through, but Ricky insists that he had taken possession of the merchandise and stills owes payment for it. The Ricardos angrily exit from the Mertz kitchen, but Lucy soon finds the old machine outside her back door. She pushes it back in front of Ethel's back door and the two women get into an argument that is stopped by Mrs. Trumbull who suggests that Joe, her nephew, who works in an appliance business, can have a look at it. After he visits, he tells Ethel he'll pay $50 for it if someone is willing to sell it. She now claims it is her machine, and hearing about the buyer, Lucy claims she doesn't want to sell it to Ethel now either. They rush out to the back porch and try to take back the machine, and it falls off through the porch railing with a big crash onto the ground. Joe returns to say he has found a buyer who will go as high as $75 for the machine. The Ricados and Mertzes burst into laughter at the thought of anyone paying $75 for that machine that just fell. Ricky offers to pay half the cost of the railing and Fred offers $17.50 for half the price of the washing machine. Lucy re-iterates that she knew nothing could ever affect their friendship.

Cast: Elizabeth Patterson as Mrs. Trumbull, Herb Vigran as Joe

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